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About AES

At Avonworth Elementary, we focus on helping our students (grades 3-6) develop not only academically, but also morally and socially. Our goal is to help students gain the necessary skills to help them be successful in various aspects of their lives. We are a collaborative school, and are consistently integrating technology, the arts, and STEAM to help enhance our students' educational experiences.


It is our mission to help every student grow and develop every day. We want our students to be engaged citizens who embrace lifelong learning and growth mindset characteristics both in and out of the classroom. In order to accomplish this mission, we have established a positive, safe, and engaging learning environment for our students.

Guiding Principles

Avonworth Elementary School focuses on the following Guiding Principles:

Personalized Learning - Personalized learning is a way of meeting our student's needs, interests, aspirations, and backgrounds of each student. Instead of the "one-size-fits-all" method of instruction, we provide students voice and choice in their learning, along with a mix of instructional methods, learning experiences, and support strategies.

Interdisciplinary Learning - Interdisciplinary learning combines one or more subject areas into a single learning experience for our students. Through interdisciplinary projects, students draw on various skills and learnign experiences from multiple subject areas to analyze and solve a real-world problem. We are working to break down the "subject silos" of education, and provide an education for students where all subject areas blend together effectively. 

Creative Use of Space and Time - Using space and time flexibly allows sudents to have more productive and fulfilling learning opportunities. We provide flexible scheduling for students and teachers, as well as creatively use our physical space to best fit the needs of the learning objective.  


Avonworth Elementary School
1320 Roosevelt Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone: 412-366-7170

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